Monika PetroczyI’m Monika Petroczy, Artisan. I started MoniDesign in 1999 in my home in downtown Santa Barbara. Since then I have teamed up with other creatives and collaborated on many sweet projects.

About Me: In my work on the South Coast, I’ve created and managed countless map and information graphics projects, web site updates and facelifts, built web sites, and have been involved in every aspect from planning, design, layout, client interaction, final preparation for printing to launching. It is my craft to take technical data and make it beautiful and presentable, and to communicate effectively.

I discovered my passion for cartography while at UC Santa Barbara studying earth sciences for my geography degree. I started as a cartographer at in 1996, back in the days of Aldus Freehand and pizza box Macs. Within a few months, I was teaching my colleagues methods I had discovered and began managing projects. I sought to upgrade and present map information as aesthetically as possible. I had later discovered methods for obtaining and working with elevation data for shaded relief and importing GIS data for base maps at varying scales. I took courses in art, graphic design, web design, and GIS.

I  also worked with CHK America and I am trained in cartography specifically for Transit and passenger information graphics. I honed my mapping and layout skills, managed projects and interacted with clients.

I have worked independently and also as part of teams with Fritz Creative Marketing, Digital Orange Studios, and Phi Web Studio on web design projects, with Mark Oliver Inc. in package design, and with many individual clients creating WordPress – based sites, email marketing, social media, maps, logos, brochures, presentations, and occasionally …business cards.

I am very proficient and comfortable in Adobe CS and I enjoy building web sites with WordPress.

I am also an avid hiker, ultimate frisbee player, and in the Ventura Master Gardening Program…my love of all things of the soil.