Map Design & Cartography

Our design work started with cartography print work in the 1990’s on ‘pizza box’ Apple machines. Monika had a passion for taking the most ordinary maps and making them not only highly functional and accurate, but elevating them to the highest artistic standards. Many of these projects proved to be challenging due to layout and scale constraints. Maps need to be printed to fit into certain publications and sheet sizes and to fold down to a convenient size, yet remain readable and usable. The technical description of this phenomenon is “Ten pounds of shit in a five pound bag”. Typically this requires filtering out unnecessary information and simplifying.

There are also challenges with GIS data acquisition or too much data and information that needs to fit into too small of a space. Overcoming these challenges creatively while maintaining client branding and style sheets successfully makes us one of the premier map designers you’ll find anywhere.

Map categories include:

Winery maps, Historical maps, Informational maps, Tourism maps, Educational maps, Transit maps and Street maps.