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We have created a variety of high quality branded web sites that have launched small businesses, entrepreneurs and non-profits. For us, web design and development is a holistic process. Our websites not only look great, they also perform. From the beginning, we consider your objectives, customers’ problems and solutions, your brand story, and high-level messaging in our approach to design.

We’re mindful of the fact that a website is an online advertisement. When users visit your website for the first time, they may not be ready to purchase your products, donate to your cause or engage with your organization. So, we build features that help you connect with your visitors by inviting them to your email list,  to connect with your social media, or to join with your events.

We strive to avoid gimmicky design that looks trendy and outdated in a years time, and prefer to create a more timeless design. As part of our design process we create a full visual mock up for our clients so that they can see how their home page will look live. We recommend web site redesigns every few years to optimize for mobile or whichever platform is preferred by your prospective visitors.

We currently create most of our websites using WordPress CMS so that if you wish, you can update your own content whenever you’d like.  We also update and maintain all of our websites for optimal performance, security and backups. As always your content and domain remain yours forever. We highly recommend Siteground web hosting for speed, security and expert 24/7 technical support.

If you’re interested in an exciting new website, contact us for a consultation. We will prepare a complementary proposal for you and a quick mock up  so that you can visualize your new home page.  Upon acceptance, we begin work upon a 50% deposit.

LA Throwback Beach Ultimate Fest

LA Throwback 2019 Beach Ultimate Fest website redesign, social media campaigns, apparel design & swag design

LA Throwback Beach Ultimate Fest was created in 2018 as a protest and positive response to years of grumbling in the Southern California beach ultimate community. In 2000, Canada Gordon created a small beach ultimate tournament in Santa Monica named LEIOUT, which took off in popularity and grew by leaps and bounds over time. She handed the leadership over to another group that continually raised fees unreasonably, provided no amenities to the players other than the fields, which were almost free, and pocketed six figure profits without giving back to the community. In response, Dave Adelson created a non profit that put on the most excellent beach tournament they could in Santa Monica, creating the best experience for players, and giving back to growing the sport in the LA area. In its second year and growing, the original website needed a redesign, fresh images and layout, organization and clarity.

The event also needed apparel, discs, swag, a registration system with maps and graphics and an E-commerce store as well as a three month socail media and email campaign leading up to it to encourage sign ups, engagement and to attract sponsorships.

After lots of hard work, the tournament and party were declared a big success by the players and will likely continue to grow.


Santa Barbara Blues Society

The Santa Barbara Blues Society is the oldest blues society in the nation, putting on high quality concerts every other month keeping the Blues alive and growing.

They needed an exciting new website that reflected the quality of the performers, that sold tickets online,  was responsive, shared media, went with their social media, invited newsletter sign ups, featured an event calendar, sold memberships, and assisted them with the Blues for Youth Program securing grants.

It was a pleasure creating the redesign for SBBS using their logo and complementary colors. It makes it easy for them to sell out VIP tickets before shows.  We added a print-on-demand e-commerce store to their website featuring their branded apparel that supports and promotes this amazing non-profit.


Infinity Threads Leggings

When I was learning about the main meridians of the body to learn resistance flexibility strength training, I thought about creating leggings that show the meridians for the legs so I could learn them. I sought out a leggings manufacturer and found an amazing print on demand company that would allow me not only to create meridian leggings,  but to express my creative ideas.

I created an e-commerce store using Woo Commerce featuring popular graphic design themes, all kinds of cool maps, narwhals (of course), math, science, sacred geometry, music, and of course, space cats.  I do have several dozen designs available, and many remain in my brain waiting to be worn!

I have had the pleasure of fun photo shoots with friends, learning about social media ads and video, and creating team leggings.

Learn more about Print-on-Demand.


National Home Care Academy

National Home Care Academy is the entrepreneurial consulting firm of Marisa Pasquini, a bestselling author, speaker and caregiving expert who trains professional and family caregivers. She teaches tried and true communication techniques that address anxiety and frustration and create peace for people with dementia, resulting in confident caregivers with an elevated sense of purpose and joy.

Growing up in Southern California with a brother with special needs, Marisa experienced firsthand living with someone whose perspective was different. Her early experiences led her to working closely with the special needs community, developing tools to connect with them and see the world through their unique lens. When her mother suffered a debilitating stroke, Marisa came to grips with the change that can happen to a loved one in an instant.

The segue to working with people with dementia and Alzheimer’s was natural. By working closely with families, Marisa saw the struggles they face in caring for their loved ones, and with finding acceptable, let alone exceptional, help for them. Marisa’s natural affinity for people who are different as well as in her experiences in the (often messy) trenches working with them led to the development of a system to encourage and empower caregivers.

Her web site will evolve as she adds seminars and courses.


Tiny Art2Share

Tiny Art2Share is the brainchild of artist Amy Wise who created pairs of tiny art as a way to send a moment of joy to someone and share it.

Art can bring a moment of joy to anyone, and Tiny Art 2 Share is a tool that will helps spread that happy feeling. Each TA2S box contains two miniature pieces of art: one to keep, and one to share. When you look at your “half” of the pair you can think of the person with the other half.

Who do you know that could use a kind gesture? Maybe the art’s theme reminds you of someone? Does a friend need a surprise?
Here is a great way to show thoughtfulness. You can  follow TA2S @tinyart2share on Instagram to see Amy’s newest creations. Go ahead and send a tiny bit of cheer because a little [Tiny] bit of Art can literally go a long way.

After a fun photo shoot and taking some videos and time-lapses, we set up an E-commerce store for Tiny Art2Share.  We also created a simple and fun explainer video showing the art making process and the fun of giving it away. There are also versions of the video that are used for social media sharing/ads.  We also embedded the Instagram feed.


San Luis Obispo Jazz Federation

The SLO Jazz Federation is a small but committed non-profit whose mission is to keep jazz alive in San Luis Obispo and bring great jazz talent to the central cost on a monthly basis.

We redesigned their responsive website with an exciting evening jazzy kind of feel. The site often features artist videos, ticket purchasing, a matching newsletter, and sign up. We also create matching social media headers to announce their concerts every month to their followers.


Showers of Blessing

Showers of Blessing freely and unconditionally provides hot showers and love to people experiencing homelessness. They bring their shower trailer to seven established sites in the greater Santa Barbara area every week. With each shower they offer a freshly laundered towels and washcloth, a pair of new cotton socks, a pair of new underwear, hygiene items and limited emergency clothing. At each site they also provide companionship and conversation with those whom they serve.

We were privileged to redesign their website with a fresh open and clean color palette, create a logo, provide a way to accept donations, newsletter sign ups, a customized designed Mailchimp newsletter that matches their web site and interactive Google map. We are fortunate that this organization is run by a group of dedicated volunteers. Having their website in WordPress empowers them to edit content; and having the newsletter template empowers them to keep their supporters updated.


Shower the People SLO

Inspired by the good work or Showers of Blessing in Santa Barbara, Showers the People of San Luis Obispo also freely and unconditionally provides hot showers and love to people experiencing homelessness. They currently provide their services in Grover Beach, CA every week. They also provide hot meals and backyard fruit to those whom they serve.

The challenge with creating this venture from scratch was that during the fundraising process, we did not have any photos or media to share to help potential donors visualize the good work that this non-profit intended to do. Fortunately we had help from other organizations until we could get STPSLO off the ground. Showers the People acquired enough funds to start providing showers to the homeless population in October of 2018.

On the new website we created a donation meter that we updated as they raised the funds. We created a logo, which was used to create a vehicle wrap that went around their shower trailer. We designed their website with a fresh open and clean color palette with a joyful splash of orange, provided a way to accept donations, newsletter sign ups, a customized designed Mailchimp newsletter that matches their web site and interactive OS map. We are fortunate that this organization is expanding operations in Grover Beach.


Zio Rentals

Zio Rentals is an extensive website was co-created with Digital Orange Studios with very specific specs and design in accordance with their logo and branding. The website required extensive navigation and header customization, and specialized sliders that were customized for desktop and mobile.


Simply Remembered Cremation Care

Simply Remembered Cremation Care is a small, family-owned California licensed funeral home offering cremation services, Home Funerals, and Green Burials. They provide simple, inexpensive cremations and burials. Simply Remembered provides the support and guidance at this most difficult time.

Simply Remembered required an emergency total website rebuild in a day. Their marketing agency suddenly shut down without notice or contact along with their website and domain. We helped Simply Remembered quickly acquire a domain and be up and running within a day. We enlisted SEO services and took photos, and created a simple and elegant logo. Having a live website is critical because cremation care is a 24/7 business. Since that build we have refined it and we have chosen to design with a one page website model so that customers can quickly obtain information.


Santa Barbara Cryotherapy

Santa Barbara Cryotherapy is a startup owned by Rebecca Rogers and Alicia Poulis-Carlson inspired by having cryotherapy themselves and having great pain relief. Experiencing brief intense cold for up to 3 minutes has many wellness benefits.

We were involved from the beginning helping them to create their branding, logo, and even a fun T-shirt design. After bout 300 iterations, they chose the current logo, colors and fonts, and since then we have created many ads and brochures.

Clients can book appointments, sign up for discounts and learn about the many benefits of cryotherapy.


Quinn Fiduciary Services

Quinn Fiduciary Services is the entrepreneurial venture of experienced master fiduciary Jackie Quinn. Jackie has worked in the estate planning and administration fields for over 30 years. Fiduciaries prudently manage the money and assets for others, providing critical services to vulnerable seniors, developmentally disabled persons and children. They also serve by agreement as trustees, executors, representative payees and as agents under powers of attorney.

We started simply with her web site and have expanded it as her successful business continues to grow. We designed her oak leaf logo and color palette, focusing on imagery from Santa Barbara, conveying her firms trustworthiness and wisdom.


Santa Barbara Street Medicine/Doctors Without Walls

SBDWW brings medicine to the homeless population in Santa Barbara and individuals who in no way could enter the traditional health care system or manage health insurance let alone stable housing. Medical interns bring the medicine and care to them and serve Santa Barbara and Goleta weekly

Santa Barbara Street Medicine/Doctors Without Walls had an “old” WordPress site that did not do justice to their  important work and was not responsive.

The site redesign was directed by 4HourWorld Productions, and is the site content manged by their non-profit. We created a blog slider that keeps the site fresh for supporters.

Due to large amount of content and media of the old website we enlisted the great technical assistance of SiteGround moving the site to a fast and secure hosting environment.


Baddour Commercial Real Estate

LA Throwback 2019 Beach Ultimate Fest website redesign, social media campaigns, apparel design & swag design

LA Throwback Beach Ultimate Fest was created in 2018 as a protest and positive response to years of grumbling in the Southern California beach ultimate community. In 2000, Canada Gordon created a small beach ultimate tournament in Santa Monica named LEIOUT, which took off in popularity and grew by leaps and bounds over time. She handed the leadership over to another group that continually raised fees unreasonably, provided no amenities to the players other than the fields which were almost free, and pocketed a six figure profits without giving back anything to the community. So Dave Adelson created a non profit that put on the most excellent beach tournament in Santa Monica as a response. In its second year ans growing, the original website needed a redesign, fresh images and layout, organization and clarity.


Gina Cole MFT

Gina Cole MFT is a licensed marriage and family therapist in Ventura, CA offering individual therapy. She enjoys working with clients of all stages in their lives to develop healthier connections within themselves, with friends and family members and with the society in which they live. She is experienced in guiding individuals through relationship challenges, grieving and loss difficulties, life transitions and issues related to trauma and other life stressors. She is also a Clinical Supervisor at Pure Sports Recovery, and an experienced EMDR practitioner.

Gina wanted a new website that is friendly, colorful, and features a unique color palette on each page. Initially we had experimented with putting her intake forms online to make her office more paperless. Due to legal constraints we chose to discontinue but have still manged to eliminate some paperwork.


Dianne Nicholas MFT

Dianne Nicholas MFT is a licensed marriage and family therapist in Ventura, CA offering individual therapy for children, adults, families and those with trauma. She Senior Trainer for Theraplay based in Chicago and trains clinical professionals nationally and internationally. She is an Adjunct Professor at UC San Diego Extension Play Therapy Department, and an experienced EMDR practitioner.

Dianne wanted a new website that honored her upbringing in Kenya, so we took a playful approach to presenting her services likening it to a safari.


Santa Barbara Jazz Society

The Santa Barbara Jazz Society is a non-profit organization dedicated to perpetuating and preserving America’s unique musical contribution to the world-jazz. We present monthly concerts that feature all types of jazz musicians giving them a venue to utilize their talent. The Jazz Society also gives yearly scholarships to students in the Santa Barbara area so they can pursue their education in this important style of music.

The Jazz Society website was in html when we took it over.  The current president loved the musician graphics created for the jazz society in the 1990s, but integrating those into a modern responsive website was the challenge. The custom design features a unique color palette for each page. We also created matching branded Mailchimp newsletters that go out several times per month announcing monthly concerts and events, and Facebook banners.


TJ Hiker

TJ is an experienced hiking guide, specializing in gently guiding inexperienced hikers through great bucket list adventures with great care, compassion and humor. She takes groups of hikers to Maccu Piccu, Patagonia, to Utah and places with gorgeous and challenging hiking trails.

When TJ launched her business we created a website that allowed people to check out her trips and to register and pay securely with a credt card. We also have a newsletter sign up that lets adventurers know about her upcoming trips. We integrated her Instagram feed to keep things fresh.


52 Peaks

52 Peaks chronicled the adventure of two women hiking fifty-two mountains in fifty-two weeks around the globe to inspire others to prioritize health and wellness, step out of their comfort zone, and to find their best and most authentic self. We created a custom website to spec that featured responsive tables, frequent blogs, inspirational content, a branded Mailchimp newsletter and many photo galleries. The website grew replete with maps, a book club blog, and logs that kept track of the Tammy and TJs trips around the world.  We set up a structure that would allow them to ad content from anywhere they had internet. Tammy did most of the blogging on her laptop, thus the site is mostly sized to accommodate laptop screens.


Sardo Interiors

Sardo Interiors is a family-owned business in La Cañada CA that provides quality Interior Services, Offices, Upholstery and Commercial Interiors.

The clean responsive website was created under the design direction of Digital Orange Studios.


Kappa Delta Psi

Kappa Delta Psi fraternity enhances the Michigan Technological University experience by creating lifelong bonds of brotherhood, developing future leaders, promoting academic excellence and giving back to the community through philanthropic activities.

We professionally redesigned the original Kappa Delta Psi website using their color palette and to make it modern and responsive and to educate parents and the community about the positive aspects of the academically oriented brotherhood. We tested out message boards and various methods for collecting dues.


Paige Kaye Realtor

When Paige Kaye joined Engel & Volkers, she reinvented her website and created a blog that also features her newest listings. We set her up with her responsive blog that she enjoys updating and editing herself with her own SEO friendly content. She receives a text message when she is contacted.


Coastline Property Inspection

Coastline Property Inspection is the entrepreneurial venture of Neil Melillo, has been a licensed contractor with the state of California for over 43 years in Ventura. Neil is a graduate of American Home Inspectors Training and has experience is all phases of construction. Coastline Property Inspection performs a complete  exam of the general integrity, functionality and safety of a home and its components.

The website design includes a logo design which he used on his uniform and custom designed business cards.


Interspiritual Meditation Course

InterSpiritual Meditation (ISM) is a non-sectarian, universal 7-step process drawn from the world’s spiritual traditions. It is designed to help you create a meditative practice for health, happiness, gratitude, transformation, compassion, mindfulness, wisdom and service.

The ISM course was delivered online through a membership site which was created by Dr. Ed Bastian using multimedia and webinars and continues to be refined and developed. The site was intended to be simple and elegant.


SoCal Shuffle blog

SoCal Shuffle is the blog of writer Kateri Wozny. She started her blog from scratch in 2016 and has since gathered thousands of followers through social media who read her great articles and reviews. All we had to do was set her up and she took her blog and ran with it.

She had us do some css customization and commissioned us to create a very unique logo in the style of a vintage postcard which highlights great things about Southern California living.


Challenge Physical Therapy

Joane Chamberiain, PT, MOMT (Master’s Orthopedic Manual Therapy) is the founder of Challenge Physical Therapy, Inc. in Thousand Oaks, California, the creator of “The Missing Link to Neck and Back Pain Relief” program (available as downloadable video), and lecturer / educator at hospitals, foundations and physical therapy clinics.

Joane came to the valuable discovery of how pelvic dysfunctions are a major factor in causing spinal pain through her own personal experience with back pain. She discovered how pelvic issues can be the underlying cause of neck, mid back and low back pain as well as many other potentially debilitating physical conditions.

Through her downloadable program with videos and exercises, Joane shows you lower back exercises that level your pelvis and relieve your back pain immediately and permanently.

You can purchase her program on her website ans do it her program yourself anywhere. Her website has a heavy emphasis on SEO and packed with information on relieving back pain. We kept her site design simple and content-focused, using her favorite color palette throughout the site.<


World Class Rug Cleaning

World Class Rug Cleaning is a green rug cleaning service located in Palm Springs. Because there isn’t a lot of copy or content, we created the site with a simple one page model working with Creative Tiger Marketing.


Precision Pool Builders

Precision Pools was designed under the direction of 4Hour World Productions for a small pool building company in Santa Barbara. Master pool builder Clint Toston creates extraordinary works of art as pools.


Cup of Zing blog

The Cup of Zing blog is a highly customized wellness and environmental blog set up for Elite Resistance Flexibility trainer and writer Nick Ware.


WordPress Tutoring Services

If you’re the DIY type, have a strong vision for what you’d like to create, are somewhat tech savvy, and just need the tools to do it, we do house calls. Please contact us for our hourly rate.

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